We Are Reopening, Again

The newest government announcement means we can reopen our doors again after being forced to close for November.

Classes will resume Wednesday 2nd December!


We Are Reopening!

The newest government announcement means we finally have a date for reopening. Saturday 25th July


We Are Closed!

Due to the outbreak in Covid-19 we have been forced to shut out doors for the foreseeable future. 



Price Increase!

From August 1st our prices will be increasing to the following per month:

£17 - 1 hour

£21.25 - 1 hour 15 min

£25 - 1 hour 30 min

£34 - 2 hours


We're Moving!

Super exciting news here at DVGC, we're moving to a new premises! It will be fully kitted out with new equipment to push the gymnasts ability even further. Keep an eye out for our new timetable in November!


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